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Dedicated to Solving Your Road Transport Problems

Transporting your goods by road in Europe safely and on time is not an easy task, you need specialists who know the region in detail and have the right equipment and experience.

Gosselin Transport Services has both the knowledge and expertise to offer you tailor-made road transport throughout the European Continent. For many years our customers have valued our customized, bespoke transport solutions.

Special Equipment for Special Transport

For special projects we can provide Tilt trailors, volume combinations with swap bodies, and megatrailors. Large-size and heavy exceptional loads, as well as cargo requiring cooling, are not a problem for us.

We are also a well-known player in the field of road transport of maritime containers. From our central location at the Port of Antwerp we can transport containers throughout Europe.

Coverage Throughout Europe and Central Asia

Over the years, we have built an extensive network including our own Gosselin country offices and a broad network of reliable and professional partners. We routinely ship throughout Western and Eastern Europe and into the Caucasus & Central Asia. We specialize in, amongst other destinations, transport to and from Russia and Kazakhstan. Other countries in Central Asia are within our reach through our network of transport partners.

The big strength of the company lies in the flexibility and enthusiasm of our team of professionals, as well as using our own equipment and material for your projects.

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